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Police Gear - Officer Uniform - Signed Print - Artist Jon Getsinger




This signed and numbered limited ( unframed ) edition print was created from an original oil painting by award winning artist Joseph M. Getsinger. If you are a police officer you will always remember when you graduated after the academy on your first day out on the road, that great feeling to make a change in this world. This print creates a nice reminder everytime you see it. This is a Police print which is now available on EBAY. The print sheet measures 18X24 inches, (unframed) is printed in a limited edition of 2,000 prints. You will see an American flag on the locker, which has "God Bless America" underneath of it. You can also get a personalized badge print with the POLICE GEAR print, three to chose from, at this time. The third badge print is a gold badge(LAPD style)and is labled as Badge#4. The additional cost for a personalized badge print is $10.00, including personalization. The personalization includes your Police Department name on the badge print and your/a badge number This POLICE print is available now. Allow 7-10 days for delivery. USE PAYPAL for quick payment and delivery. Police Police Police - lock this one up for yourself or a favorite officer in your life. Great gift for Valentines Day, Father's Day, Anniversary or Birthday, Police Academy Graduation or the NEW YEAR. Check out the other Police Art in the gallery.

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